Cutting complex allows you to customize a large range of products. Often these are all kinds of sealing gaskets made of leathern cardboard, various rubbers, rubber fabrics and fabrics, leathers, felt, paronite, foam polymeric materials. Also samples of cardboard packaging and riffles, advertising signs and many other things.Cutting complex allows you to customize a large range of products. Also samples of cardboard packaging and riffles, advertising signs and many other things.

The maximum sheet of material from which the gasket can be made is 1500x1500 mm. The thickness of the material to be processed depends on its type, but is as much as possible limited by the largest length of the knife, which is 40 mm. Cutting of gaskets is carried out continuously using an oscillating knife.

Cutting rubber technical plates, paronites, foam rubber, cushioning cartons - a high-performance cutting complex easily copes with any workpieces from both thick and dense rubber, and with soft and deformation sensitive foams. Deformation of the treatment zone is eliminated. The service is focused on the production of a wide range of products. Material features involve the use of professional specialized equipment. And this is the service that we are ready to provide our customers.

Our specialization is cutting materials for complex design using high-precision equipment, which makes it possible to produce flat products of almost any configuration. 

Advantages of cutting on a cutting complex:

High accuracy and speed;  Wide range of materials;  Short terms of manufacturing;  Flexibility of production;  Low cost.

Production of gaskets


We offer you the manufacture of gaskets of any complexity. The production of gaskets is performed by cutting with a knife on a CNC machine, which ensures a high-precision execution of the contours of products. The cutting process itself ensures the qualitative and accurate production of gaskets of any configuration according to the drawing (scale 1: 1) or sample.

With a gasket size of more than 1500 mm, it can be made composite, dovetail or other.

You can provide the necessary material for your product.

You are interested in the possibility of making gaskets from paronite or other sheet material, send us a drawing of the product in the form of a scan or in any common CAD-program, for example, Compass or AutoCad. Our specialists can help you in creating an electronic version of the drawing. To do this, you need to provide us with a sample gasket or send a scan of a paper drawing.

Cutting for advertising projects  


Cutting on a cutting complex allows to achieve high quality and reasonable price even with small runs.

This type of cutting is perfect for making small parts and cutting sheet materials.

Figured cutting allows you to cut material with any zigzag and get any shape of the finished product. All this creates unusually wide opportunities for advertising projects.

We will help to realize any creative imagination of your designer.

You will get the opportunity to cut out what you need in a single copy.


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