Hydraulic seals, gaskets for special machinery and equipment

LLC "MPI-Agro" TM Ringroup produces hydraulic seals and gaskets for agricultural, road construction and mining equipment from high-quality European materials on high-precision machines. For many years, high-quality seals of LLC MPI-Agro are used by hydraulics manufacturers, repair and technical and trading enterprises of Ukraine, CIS and Europe.

Production of all kinds of hydraulic seals (hydraulic cuffs, rings) of polyurethanes by injection milding

seal production Injection molding is a process during which a material is heated and transferred to a viscous-flowing state and then injected under pressure into a mold where the products are formed.

The method of injection molding produces piece products weighing from fractions of a gram to tens of kilograms. This method is the most common in the processing of most industrial thermoplastics. In addition, molding under pressure produces products reinforced, hollow, multicolored, from foaming plastics, etc. The main equipment of the process is a thermoplastic automatic machine, on which the technological equipment (molds) is installed.

The main advantages of injection molding are:

  • versatility by types of processed plastics;
  • high performance;
  • high quality of the products;
  • manufacturing of complex configuration parts;
  • possibility of full automation of the process.

We are ready to offer you a wide choice of hydraulic seals made by injection molding:

  • Seals of static
    Seals of static
  • Rod Seals
    Rod Seals
  • Piston seals
    Piston seals
  • Guide Rings
    Guide Rings
  • Back-up (anti-extrusion) Rings
    Back-up (anti-extrusion) Rings
  • Wipers

Production of sealing elements by the method of turning from elasto- and plastomers, for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment on high-precision machines

compaction Mechanical treatment compared with traditional methods of manufacturing seals has a number of key advantages:

  • express production of a product unit without developing and manufacturing expensive equipment;
  • the possibility of obtaining any executive dimensions;
  • precision of execution of geometric shape;
  • positioning of the cutting tool at a level of ± 0.01 mm and the use of special cutting modes.

Turning technology, is a piece manufacture of cuffs (seals) using the method of processing polymer blanks on lathes with numerical program control. Cuffs (seals), which are turned on CNC machines, have the highest quality indicators in comparison with other methods of their manufacture. Precision in the manufacture of molded cuffs (seals), for example, 0.1 - 0.2 mm, and the precision of the hermetical seals reaches 0.01 mm. On wear resistance, chiseled cuffs (seals) significantly exceed their mold analogues.

The specificity of our production allows us to manufacture sealing elements in small batches - from 1 piece, which is very advantageous for manufacturing repair, experimental and non-standard seals for your production equipment and machinery.

In cooperation with us, you save your time and reduce your costs.

Gaskets and hydraulic seals for road-building, mining and agricultural machinery

for agricultural machinery for excavator for tractors for graders

The cutting complex makes possible to produce gaskets of any configuration by the individual order in the shortest time

manufacture of gaskets

The cutting machines we use with CNC allow us to manufacture a large range of products according to individual order. Among them there are all kinds of sealing gaskets made of , leather cardboard, various rubbers, rubber fabrics and textiles, leathers, felt, paronite, foam polymeric materials. Also samples of cardboard packaging and stencils, advertising signs and much more.

Here you can order the cutting of rubber plates, paronites, foam rubber, cardboard and other packing materials.

The maximum sheet of material from which the gasket can be made is 1500x1500 mm. The thickness of the material to be processed depends on its type, but is as much as possible limited by the largest length of the knife, which is 40 mm. Cutting of gaskets is carried out continuously using an oscillating knife.