Hydraulic seals

uplotneniyaENHydraulic seals are profiled rubber or polyurethane rings, the purpose of which is to prevent the hydraulic fluid from leaking from the hydraulic cylinder and to protect the inner surface of the working area from dust and other contaminants. Various hydraulic fluids are used in hydraulic cylinders.

One of the most popular rubber products - a cuff. This is the basic element of a contact sealing device of the cuff type, which has an annular shape and is made of an elastic material; prevents leakage of gas or working fluid from the area of ​​increased pressure to the low pressure region; in addition, is the protection of hydraulic cylinders from getting into the dust and dirt. Cuffs are actively used for agricultural machinery, quarry equipment, automobiles, industrial devices and aggregates.

Hydraulic seals, Piston seals, Rod Seals, Wipers, Guide Rings 

Used in various hydraulic cylinders, to seal the gap between the piston and the inner cavity of the cylinder. Sealing rubber cuffs are actively used in hydraulic devices of road and construction equipment. They are necessary to seal the gap between the piston (rod, plunger) and the cylinder in those hydraulic devices that operate under reciprocating motion, at different relative travel speeds, temperature conditions and operating pressures.

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