Welcome to the company "MPI-Agro" TM "Ringroup"!

LLC "MPI-Agro" TM "Ringroup" is specialized industrial company that produces hydraulic seals, repair kits, agricultural, building and construction technology and special equipment.

We are pleased to introduce you our company, its products, past and vision of the future. We are sure that after learning about us more, you will evaluate advantages of cooperation with us and become our regular partner!

Advantages of cooperation with us:

МПИ-Агро ТМ Ringroup сертификат ISO 9001:2008
  • We are the only Ukrainian manufacturer of hydraulic seals by injection molding, which allows us to maintain a leading position in the serial production of this product for more than ten years.
  • The possibility of using several methods of production of the same type of products allows you to realize almost any customer's requests for quantity, quality and price.
  • We use only high-quality raw materials from leading world manufacturers, such as «Sealan», «Desythane», «Hytrel».
  • The use of innovative technologies, a high degree of automation and a closed production cycle (from the design of technological equipment to the manufacture, sale and shipment of goods) allow us:
    • to keep fairly low prices with consistently high quality;
    • to provide consultative support to our partners on all possible product issues;
    • to display flexibility in pricing for our wholesale and regular customers;
    • significantly reduce the production and time costs for the manufacture of new products.

Our history:

"From 2006 to 2017, the number of our employees has grown from 12 to 150 people"

2006 - the foundation of the enterprise, the beginning of a small-scale production of repair kits and sets;

2007 - for the first time in Ukraine a serial production of hydraulic seals made of polymer-composite materials by injection molding was established;

2008 - the expansion of the range of products, the establishment of systemic supplies of polymeric hydraulic seals to industrial enterprises in Ukraine, producing hydraulic cylinders of various types;

2009-2010 - production of molds for molding polymer products, introduction of non-waste technologies and a closed production cycle;

2010-2015 - increase in production capacity, assimilation of new technologies, system output of goods under TM "Pусь" to the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova;

2014 - introduction of bar-coding technologies to automate the accounting of information on goods;

2016 - registration of TM "Ringroup", the withdrawal of a new brand into the existing and new markets of polymer materials and rubber goods; obtaining a certificate of compliance with the international standards ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system;

2017 - the production of polymer seals, manufactured by turning method, as well as single and serial production of sealing gaskets made on the cutting complex with CNC is adjusted; the beginning of deliveries of products of ТМ "Ringroup" to the countries of the Central Europe.

"During the eleven years of the existence of the company MPI Agro, the product range of products increased more than 80 times (in 2006, less than 60 products were produced, and in 2017 more than 4,800)"

In the near future, the company will further increase the range of products and expand the geography of supplies to the countries of the European Union.


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