Piston seals (cuffs)

The piston seals play an important role in hydraulic cylinders.

The piston seals have a different design and profile, and can be made of different materials, depending on the operating conditions.

The sealing profile has a decisive influence on the elastic deformation of the edges, since at the point of contact with the metal surfaces it creates a clamping force. A too high clamping force can destroy the oil film, in which case a lack of lubricant will increase friction, which shortens the life of the seals. On the other hand, if the amount of force is insufficient, the oil film between the edge of the seal and the metal surface becomes too thick, and this leads to leakage of the working fluid.

Polymer products have a number of advantages: simple installation, reliable operation, long service life, low friction, resistance to working fluids at high and low temperatures, high resistance to mechanical damage, good elasticity for reliable operation even in the presence of eccentricity between the piston and the sleeve, during operation and when the liner is expanded due to operating pressure.

These advantages, along with actual operating conditions (pressure, temperature, speed of movement), are crucial when choosing seals.

High-quality piston seals from the company RINGROUP:

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